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"Feelings matter most in all of us"

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There’s one thing your never see in any of our care homes – a room full of residents left in front of the TV.

We treat each of our guests as individuals, tailoring care to their personalities. We know the importance of connecting with the person’s past life – what did they do for a job, who are their family and what makes them happy. What the person is doing or saying now could be significant to something that has happened in the past, so to be able to connect to the person it’s crucial that the staff know the persons past in detail.

We create life history books and a personal memory box reminding us all about the person’s individuality. Personalizing their bedrooms is a good way to promote a persons identity.

It’s the little things that count – picking vegetables for dinner or hanging some washing, it’s those everyday moments that can lift our residents’ day. Plus with casino days, fetes, BBQ’s and reminiscence sessions there’s always something to look forward too, we even had a Wedding Day, where some of our guests renewed vows complete with bouquets, buttons holes and wedding breakfast.

Boredom and lack of meaningful activity can be negative features in the care and support of older people. So we focus on providing the means and opportunities to do ‘normal’ everyday things such as domestic tasks polishing dusting folding linen gardening sweeping leaves.

We are always on hand to help the person do something connected with their past career. It is important to us that our activities are person centred and individualised. We have an occupational therapist employed to do just that, assess each individual and suggest a range of activities to suit the person’s capability.

Of course there are times when people can become anxious, unsure unaware of their surroundings.  To remedy this we use something called a butterfly moment – taking the time to reassure, to connect emotionally to bring joy even for a few seconds, fleeting but effective. We ensure that we recruit the right staff with special skills to be able to respond intuitively.

Our catering team are proud of the meals they produce, our menu is extensive and Food is locally sourced freshly prepared whether making our own sauces or marmalade, nothing is too much bother. Residents are encouraged to assist in the preparation for mealtimes whether that is picking vegetables peeling potatoes or just setting tables.

The care we provide at County Care Homes, is nothing short of complete and we only ever have our guests well being at the front of our minds.

Norwood House

norwood houseNorwood House is a former farmhouse situated in the peaceful surroundings of Middleton Moor. Our house boasts beautiful views of five acres of parkland, a sun terrace and bandstand. Inside you’ll find all the comfort and up to date equipment that’s needed.

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